About The Vincentian Formation Network.

The Vincentian Formation Network is a network of sites, aiming to raise awareness of the life and works of St. Vincent de Paul, St. Louise de Marillac and all organizations and individuals who are inspired by his charisma evangelizer of the poor.

We launched the project to unify in one place the most interesting studies and formation materials that speak of our charism and that, moreover, are frequently difficult to find.

In 2009, this Website started as an initiative of a Vincentian layman, Javier F. Chento, and a Vincentian priest, Mitxel Olabuénaga, CM.


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About us:

Francisco Javier Fernández Chento.

Juliet P. Brand

Javer F. Chento

The Vincentian Formation Network CEO & co-founder.

Javier is a Spanish lay Vincentian. He is an affiliate of the Congregation of the Mission and a member of the Popular Mission Team of the Zaragoza (Spain) Province of the Congregation of the Mission.

He graduated from the University of Catalonia with four degrees (Secretarial Studies, Administrative Management, Human Resources, and Advanced Accounting). Bilingual (Spanish/English), he manages and maintains several Christian and Vincentian websites, including The Vincentian Formation Network, of which he is a co-founder.

He is also a Catholic musician and has released various records. He is CEO and co-founder of Trovador, a well-known Christian Music Publishing Company in Spain.

He works in Information technology, offering web hosting services, designs, maintenance, consulting, training and software solutions, document management and digitization of texts, editing and layout of books, magazines, flyers, etc.

Mitxel Olabuénaga, CM.

Juliet P. Brand

Mitxel Olabuénaga, CM

The Vincentian Formation Network CEO & co-founder.

Vincentian Father and Doctor in History.

For many years he combined his teaching at the College of Saint Vincent de Paul in Barakaldo (Spain) with the practice in camps, hiking, etc...

He is an specialist in History of the Congregation of the Mission in Spain and in history of Barakaldo. On both issues he has abundant publications.

Currently he is Professor of History at the College of Saint Vincent de Paul in Barakaldo.

Editors & Publishers:

Ross Reyes Dizon.

Ross has been associated formally and informally with Filipino, Spanish and U.S. Vincentian missionaries for many years. A native of the Philippines, he now lives in Vallejo, California, with his wife Melody. They have two grown-up sons, Vincent and Justin, and are full-time babysitters to grandchildren, Maximilian Frédéric and Vivianna Louise. Ross volunteers at Margaret Todd Senior Center, Novato, California, teaching a free weekly citizenship class for mostly Spanish-speakers.


Mission and Values.

The Vincentian Formation Network is not only for consecrated Vincentians: in fact, the vast majority of the followers of St. Vincent de Paul are lay people who meet and perform their activities in many branches, some of them hundreds of years of history.

Our mission is to help deepen in the Vincentian roots to better serve the poor.

Collaborate with us.

This Netwotk is ad-free and non-profit, run by volunteers.

There are several ways you can contribute to the extensión onf the Vincentians charism by helping us to publish new materials. Please, tale a look at them and see if you can hel us achieve our goals.