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Sometimes the initiation of marks of respect or deference is very helpful in winning hearts and in entering upon the practice of solid humility Louise de Marillac

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Aug 162014
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

Jesus belongs to everyone A pagan woman takes the initiative of approaching Jesus even though she does not belong to the Jewish people.  She is an anguished mother who has spent her life suffering with a daughter who is “tormented by a demon.”  She goes to meet Jesus, shouting: “Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David!” Jesus’ first reaction is unexpected.  He does not even stop to listen to her.  It is not time yet to bring the Good News of God to the [...] → [Read the full text]

Aug 162014
Twentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Rosalino Reyes Dizon)

Rejection leading to reconciliation (Rom 11, 15) Even a terrible situation serves the purposes of God, who wants us to be optimistic and inventive too. The disciples find the situation intolerable: a woman, a Canaanite besides, calling out after them at the top of her voice. They ask Jesus to send her away, or attend to her—in some Spanish translations. But whether to send away or attend to, they want her to get lost Jesus speaks to her finally, though his words are none too [...] → [Read the full text]

Aug 092014
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

In the midst of the crisis It is not difficult to see in Jesus’ disciples’ boat, tossed about by the waves and overcome by a strong headwind, the figure of today’s Church that is threatened from without by all kinds of adverse forces and tempted from within by fear and little faith. How do we read this Gospel account from the perspective of the crisis in which the Church today seems to be shipwrecked? According to the evangelist, “Jesus came toward them walking on the [...] → [Read the full text]

Aug 092014
Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Rosalino Reyes Dizon)

Accursed for the sake of my own people (Rom 9, 3) God makes use of both the storm and the calm. What is important, regardless of the means used, is to get to know him intimately and to be faithful to his revelation. On Sinai, thunder, lightning, thick clouds, fire, smoke and earthquake herald the epiphany of the supreme Lawgiver. He is the Lord of nature and history. On the same mountain, God appears to the prophet Elijah. The one taking refuge in a cave [...] → [Read the full text]

Aug 022014
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Rosalino Reyes Dizon)

The love of God in Christ Jesus (Rom 8, 39) Jesus sets a table before us in the sight of our foes. He wants us to have our fill of God’s goodness, to know more intimately his Father and be imbued with his Spirit so that we may love one another better. Like the Shepherd of Israel, the Good Shepherd makes sure his flock lacks nothing. He orders the people to sit down on the grass, as the sheep are made to lie down in [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 302014
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

Give them some food yourselves Jesus is busy healing the sick and malnourished people that have been brought to him from all over.  He does it, according to the evangelist, because their suffering moves him.  Meanwhile, his disciples see that it is getting late.  Their dialogue with Jesus allows us to penetrate the deep meaning of the episode, wrongly called “the multiplication of the loaves.” The disciples offer Jesus a realistic and reasonable proposal: “Dismiss the crowds so that they can go to the villages [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 262014
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

The most important decision The gospel records two short parables with the same message. In both accounts the main character discovers an enormously valuable treasure or a pearl of incalculable value. And both main characters react in the same way: they decide gladly to sell what they have to acquire the treasure or the pearl. According to Jesus, that is how those who discover the kingdom of God react. It seems Jesus is afraid that the people may follow him for varying interests, without discovering [...] → [Read the full text]