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Model yourselves on those who excel the most in mortification. Vincent de Paul

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Jul 302014
Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

Give them some food yourselves Jesus is busy healing the sick and malnourished people that have been brought to him from all over.  He does it, according to the evangelist, because their suffering moves him.  Meanwhile, his disciples see that it is getting late.  Their dialogue with Jesus allows us to penetrate the deep meaning of the episode, wrongly called “the multiplication of the loaves.” The disciples offer Jesus a realistic and reasonable proposal: “Dismiss the crowds so that they can go to the villages [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 262014
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

The most important decision The gospel records two short parables with the same message. In both accounts the main character discovers an enormously valuable treasure or a pearl of incalculable value. And both main characters react in the same way: they decide gladly to sell what they have to acquire the treasure or the pearl. According to Jesus, that is how those who discover the kingdom of God react. It seems Jesus is afraid that the people may follow him for varying interests, without discovering [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 262014
Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Rosalino Reyes Dizon)

To be conformed to the image of his Son (Rom 8, 29) The wisest and most intelligent thing we can do is to seek the kingdom of God. That is because this kingdom represents all our best aspirations. To be part of the kingdom is to attain the inexhaustible highest good that gives rise to more goods. On the other hand, to enjoy only exhaustible goods and not be part of the kingdom is to end up without even the little that one possesses. If [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 192014
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (José Antonio Pagola)

The importance of what is small Christianity has been hurt over the centuries by triumphalism, the thirst for power and the craving to impose upon its adversaries. There are still Christians who remember with nostalgia a powerful Church that fills churches, seizes streets and imposes its religion on the entire society. We should read again the two small parables in which Jesus makes clear that the task of his followers is not to build a powerful religion, but rather to place themselves at the service [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 192014
Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Rosalino Reyes Dizon)

The Spirit comes to the aid of our weakness (Rom 8, 26) The perfection of God is the source of his disinterested generosity, his lenient patience and his sharp vision. God’s perfect liberality does not settle for the human norm of paying back evil for evil, good for good. Our heavenly Father is kind to the just and the unjust. The perfectly Powerful is very secure besides in his mastery over all things. No one can thwart his plans. Hence, the temporary triumphs of evil [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 122014
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary (José Antonio Pagola)

Sowing After relating the parable of the sower, Jesus makes this invitation, “Whoever has ears ought to hear.” We are asked to pay close attention to the parable. But what do we have to reflect on? The sower? The seed? The different types of ground? Traditionally, we Christians have focused exclusively on the types of ground the seed falls on so that we may examine our attitude as we listen to the Gospel. But it is important to pay attention to the sower and how [...] → [Read the full text]

Jul 122014
Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Rosalino Reyes Dizon)

As we wait for redemption (Rom 8, 23) Jesus is the divine Word. Attuned to him and remaining in him, we will bear much fruit. God spoke through the prophets. He now speaks through his Son, the eternal Word made flesh, in order to reveal himself fully and definitively. This last Word is the last hope. For we, to whom God entrusted his vineyard, are not too trustworthy: we want to take ownership of it unjustly and of the whole vintage, boasting as though everything [...] → [Read the full text]