Elizabeth, Letter 1-006: To William Magee Seton

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Author: Elisabeth Ann Bailey Seton .
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My Father1 dined with us and has gone I dont know where— I do not think you will meet him until the Evening.— Your apology is al­ready made for one who is most earnestly interested in his good opin­ion of you— Your E will be in Wall Street2 by five o’clock and you shall then know more on the subject.

  1. Dr. Richard Bayley (1744-1801) was the son of William and Susannah LeConte Bayley. He studied medicine under Dr. John Charlton and three times traveled to England to study, twice under the famous Dr. William Hunter. He married Catherine Charlton January 9, 1767. The couple had three children, Mary Magdalen, Elizabeth Ann, and Catherine who died as a young child. After the death of his first wife, he married Charlotte Amelia Barclay June I 6. 1778. They had seven children, three girls and four boys. A well known surgeon, he had a special interest in public health and was one of the first health officers of the Port of New York as well as a noted authority on yellow fever. He died at the quarantine station on Staten Island August 17, 1801. Catherine Charlton (?-1777) was the daughter of Rev. Richard and Mary Bayeux Charlton. Rev. Charlton was the rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Staten Island, from 1747 until his death October 7, 1777. Catherine died at Newtown (later Elmhurst), New York, May 8. 1777. At this time Newtown was in the hands of the British. Her brother Dr. John Charlton had a home there. Dr. John Charlton was the son of Rev. Richard and Mary Bayeux Charlton. He studied medicine in England and upon his return became a prominent New York physican. Becoming head of the Medical Society in 1792, he oversaw its reorganization in 1794 as well as taking an active part in pressing for public health regulations. In addition he was active in Trinity Church. He married Mary de Peyster, the daughter of Abraham and Margaret van Court landt de Peysler.
  2. According to the 1790 census, Dr. Bayley resided at 51 Wall Street.

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