Nativity of the Lord (Ross Reyes Dizon)

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Light on our path is the Word of God

The creative and sustaining Word, made flesh and dwelling among us, is the true light that enlightens everyone.

The comforting oracle through prophet Isaiah comes to fulfillment with the coming of Jesus.  In him, too, the great light that people walking in darkness saw reaches its absolute and fullest brilliance.  Shining now on us is not just any light, but the one who is the brightness of the glory of God.

In these last days, yes, the one who dwells in unapproachable light becomes reachable through his Son.  Jesus is the eternal Word who becomes flesh and dwells among us.  That is why to contemplate the glory of Jesus is to contemplate likewise the glory of the Father.  No one has ever seen God; the only Son, who is in the bosom of the Father has revealed him.

So then, we gaze on God directly, before our eyes God, not by gazing on the prophets, but on his Son.  That is why Christians, more than the Jews, should sing together.  We join in singing a new song, for Christ brings us comfort, victory, righteousness, faithfulness and light to the full.  We joyfully celebrate the best news in human history.

Only those who give believable witness to the light and fullness of Christ sing and celebrate genuinely.

In the first place, true disciples know it is not about them, but about Jesus.  Just like the Baptist, they acknowledge they are not the light; they are witnesses to the light.  Hence, they do not do anything to call attention to themselves or to congratulate themselves foolishly (CRCM XII:3).

In the second place, more important to them than the Mosaic law are the grace and truth from Jesus Christ.  They see to it, therefore, that their righteousness surpasses that of the scribes and Pharisees.  Accordingly, they do not kill nor divorce nor commit adultery.  But over and beyond all this, they do not let insults, lust, made-up stories become the new normal.

Nor do they settle for “An eye for an eye ….”  Rather, they offer no resistance to one who is evil.  They love their enemies.

True Christians strive to foster Christian peace more than Roman peace.  The latter is mere absence of war and what brings it about is Roman dictatorship.  Indeed, the Proclamation of the Birth of Christ refers to Roman peace.  Perhaps it is like the weeds that one has to endure patiently in order not to harm the wheat.  Yet always desirable is Christian peace, which is an enterprise of justice (GS 78).

In addition, they are in the light, those who, in their fellowship meal, do not let any poor person go hungry.

Lord, grant us to walk in your light, convinced that you are our fullness—“our father and mother, and our all” (SV.EN:537).

25 December 2016
Christmas – Mass during the Day
Is 52, 7-10; Heb 1, 1-6; Jn 1, 1-18

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