Ephemerides: October, 25

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1643 In a repetition of prayer Vincent speaks about the importance of the mission: “To labor for the salvation of poor country-folk is the essential point of our vocation, everything else is accessory, for we would never have undertaken retreats for ordinands or ecclesiastical seminaries if we had not seen that good ecclesiastics are necessary to maintain the people in virtue and to preserve the fruits fathered by the Missions.”

1646 In a council meeting of the Daughters of Charity several matters are discussed that pertain to the governance of the Congregation: the readmission of a Daughter who had left voluntarily, a new Sister Servant for the galley slaves, to inform a sister that it is clear that she does not have a vocation and that she entered the Congregation to please her family, a type of epilepsy in a young women with the desire and the required qualities to become a Daughter of Charity should not be seen as an impediment.

1786 Renato Rogué enters the Congregation of the Mission. He would later become a martyr of the French Revolution.

1936 Two Daughters of Charity, Dorinda Sotelo and Toribia Mazrticorena are martyred in Santa Coloma de Bramanet (Barcelona, Spaain).

1939 Death of the permanent secretary of the French Academy, D. Georges Goyau, autor of The Congregation of the Mission and the Lazarists, Religious History of the French Nation, and The History of the Missions.

1954 During the International Marian Congress Bishop Bugnini presents a lecture on the “Miraculous Medal in cult and in the liturgy”.

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