Ephemerides: October, 08

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1642 Vincent writes to Monsieur Jean Brunet and Etienne Blatiron in Alet: I have already written you that God’s Providence is calling you to Rome for a new establishment being made there of a house of the Company, and I requested you to go there, departing the day after you receive this letter.” This is a very polite way of telling that to abandon the house in the diocese of Alet. It seems that Bishop Pavillon, a sincere friend of Vincent, has placed such great pastoral demands on the confreres that their community life has been neglected. In Vincent’s mind there can be no evangelizing community unless there is a strong community life.

1655 Louise writes to Vincent to inform him that after the definitive episcopal approval of the Company and after signing the Foundational documents, the first council meeting was held . Louise is happy with the events and pleased with the work of the Counselors.

1912 Due to the war in the Balkans, twelve military hospitals in Constantinople are entrusted to the Daughters of Charity.

1924 Fr. Vedier, Superior General, leaves on a visitation of the missionaries and the Daughters in Spain. He is warmly received by the confreres and the Daughters, as well as the religious and civil authorities. He was received by King Alfonso XIII and Queen Victoria Eugenia.

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