Ephemerides: October, 01

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1618 The bishop of Soissons approves the Rule for the Ladies of Charity which rule is to be followed by all the charities that are established on the lands of the DeGondi family.

1660 The Apostolic Nuncio in France, Celio Piccolomini, announces to the Secretary of State the death of Vincent de Paul: “On Tuesday, Father Vincent de Paul died. He was superior of the Priests of the Mission and was held in high esteem because of the work of piety which he did during his life time.”

1794 The Vincentian missionary, N. Parisot, because of his refusal to align himself with the French National Church, dies in prison on the island of Aix. He death resulted from the ill-treatment and lack of nourishment.

1934 The Daughters of Charity are asked to help in one of the hospitals that are treating the wounded as a result of the war between Paraguay and Bolivia.

1951 Two Daughters of Charity arrive in Montreal (Canada) to take over the direction of the House of Elderly Couples. This institution was modeled on the Little Houses which were established in Paris during the time of Vincent de Paul.

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