Ephemerides: November, 17

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1793 In 1793, in Nantes, 90 priests are imprisioned on the ship “La Gloire”. They are tied at the ankles in groups of four and thrown into the sea at night. Those who tried to saved themselves are shot. Among the priests was the missioner Fr. Paul Alexia Julián Lucas. He was 29 years old.

1936 In 1936, Sister Josefa Jirones Arteta was imprisioned and nobody knew anything more about her. In 1940, an identification card of Sister Lorenzo Díaz, a Daughter of Charity, shot in Vistillas, was found. It is rather certain that these two were shot together. Also on this date, two Daughters of Charity, Sister Juana Pérez and Sister Ramona Cao, on the road from Jaén to Madrid on the famous “train of death”.

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