Ephemerides: May, 17th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1610: In Paris, Mr Vincent who recently was chaplain of the Queen Marguerite, received a profit, that, as he said ead him to discomfort. The archbishop of Aix, Hurault de l’Hôpital, ceded to Vincent the abbey of Saint-Léonard de Chaumes, in the Diocese of Saintes. On paper, the income from this Cistercian monastery was considerable. In reality, the new abbot had to regain litigated rights issues and support series of trials.

1652: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about Pentecost, in which he deals with the reasons that compel us to desire gifts of the Holy Spirit in our souls, some of the operations of the Holy Spirit and the means to arrange received gifts and correspond to them.

1658: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare on the observance of Common Rules. Vincent explained that the printed rules were not different from those that have been practiced in the Congregation and argued that, like them, the Rules are the work of God. And the Rule of Saint Augustine is used when there is a cause that cannot be found in the work. After the conference a copy of the Rules in Latin was given to each priest. Students and brothers had to wait until French translation would be finished. Because of excessive weakness of his legs Mr Vincent, did not distribute books by himself, he instructed Fr Anthony Portail to give a copy to each of confreres. Then, each of Missioners, approached sitting Saint Vincent knelt down, kissed Vincent’s hand, the Rules and soil and St. Vincent was saying: “May God bless you!”

1675: In Paris, a contract is signed between Charles-Maurice Le Tellier, archbishop of Reims, acting on behalf of Louvois, his brother, and Fr.Edmond Jolly, Superior General of The Congregation. By this act, it was decided that the Congregation of the Mission would provide at least twelve priests to securee religious services at Hôtel Royal des Invalides. Fr. Edmond Jolly has accepted that establishment with reluctance. But the will of the King Sun is all-powerful. Louis XIV’s condition was, that if the Congregation provided good service at the Hôtel des Invalides, it could maintain possesion of Saint-Lazare which was questioned by the Knights Our Lady of Mount Caramel and Saint Lazare of Jerusalem.By king’s will, the Hôtel des Invalides will be a true house of Saint Vincent, as soon the Daughters of Charity join Priests of the Mission, and both sides will find much to devote to some three hundred disabled who resided in the famous buildings.

1845: In Paris, Louis-Philippe sign the order authorizing the Congregation to accept the donation made by Madame de Lupé, a property located at Saint-Vincent-de-Xaintes known as Notre-Dame de Pouy presently.

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