Ephemerides: May, 13th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1622: The bishop of Soissons, Charles de Macqueville, at the request of Mrs. de Gondi, authorized the establishment of Confraternities of Charity in the villages of the barony of Montmirail, approved the settlement of these associations, delegated Vincent de Paul to make the establishment, and his own movement, granting indulgences to those who enter the Confraternities of Charity.

1644: Letter of Vincent de Paul to Fr. Bernardo Codoing, Superior in Rome, in which he said that he did not expect priestly vocations flourishing, except a few, and adolescents younger than twenty years in the seminaries.

1648: Fr Julien Guérin died in Tunis. He was the first priest of the Mission, whom Vincent sent to Barbary. He was born in 1605 in the diocese of Bayeux. Before entering the Little Company in the age of thirty-five, he led a Christian strong military life avoiding excesses and defects so common among people of war in that time. Since 1641, after a few months of stay in Saint-Lazare, Julien Guerin became responsible to rescue material and spiritual miseries of the poor in Lorraine. Accompanied by Brother Francillon, he arrived in Tunis on November 22, 1645. After several months of clandestine ministry, its evangelical goodness reached the heart of the Turks, whom he opened, consoled, preached, administered the sacraments, converted only Christians and schismatics but also Muslims and even the son of Bey of Tunis. He rescued slaves, and supported young women dyeing as martyrs of chastity. Fr Guérin died as a victim of his dedication to those affected by the plague. Thanks to benevolence of Bey of Tunis in November 1647 he receives authorization to bring another priest, Jean Le Vacher, to help him in his mission.

1941: Election of Mother Decq as Superioress General. The Sisters gathered in the chapel for this important event, but in the middle of the meeting, they had to move to the workroom of St. Joseph because bomb alarm. It was in the midst of the war.

1944: In the hospice in Fidenza ({Parma province,Italy) died sister Frazzi, a bombardment victim

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