Ephemerides: June, 26

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1647: Anne Hardemont and Marie Lullen are moving to Montreuil-sur-Mer. Mr Vincent, during the Councils of June 19 and 20, explained at length to Anne Hardemont how to face the Comte de Lannoy who asked for the service of the hospital. He also emphasized the need for “mutuality” in community dialogue. Louise de Marillac wrote to two sisters of Avis about premises of current projects.

1698: In Paris, The second contract is passed concerning our Saint-Cyr establishment. Yoday’s contract indicted request for two more priests who would be added to the six who, for nine years, already ensured the religious service for girls and ladies of the big house founded by Madame de Maintenon.

1699: Two sisters leave Paris for the new facility in Saujon, near the mouth of the Gironde. They are sent to provide service for new converted. La Rochelle and its environs were an important stronghold of Protestantism, then.

1752: Cardinal Giulio Alberoni died in Piacenza, his hometown. This famous Prince of the Church was buried at San Lazzaro Church in the College he founded.

1794: In Cambrai, on the Place d’Armes, four Daughters of Charity of Arras are guillotined: Marie Madeleine Fontaine, the Superioress, and her companions: Jeanne Gerard, Marie Françoise Lanel and Thérèse Madeleine Fantou.

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