Ephemerides: January, 31st

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1618. Vincent de Paul resigns from the post of pastor in Chatillon in favor to his vicar Luis Guirard, who will be officially nominated on July 18.

1653. Fr. Lambert aux Couteaux dies in Warsaw, Poland just two years after starting the mission of the [[Congregation of the Mission}Congregation]] in Poland. He was one of first three priests sent by St.Vincet himself to erect the seminary and house in the capital of Poland. Vincentians where invited to Poland thanks to affords of Mary Louise de Gonzaga, a wife of Polish King Jan Kazimierz (John Casimir). See Abelly: Book Two/Chapter One/Section Ten/Index: the Mission to Poland

1736. A General Congregation meets in Rome in the presence of Pope Clement XII to examine cases of miracles on the way to canonization of Vincent de Paul.

1858. A sail boat “Saint-Vincent de Paul” arrives to the port of Callao, Peru with 55 Daughters of Charity and three Vincentians on board.

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