Ephemerides: April, 28th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1656: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare on travel. It was initiated on April 21.

1830: Superior General, Fr Dominique Salhorgne surrounded by the community welcomes the Duchess of Berry, daughter-in-law of King Charles X, who has come as a pilgrim to the relics of St. Vincent de Paul.

1856: Sister Catherine Labouré wrote to Fr. Jean María Aladel about her visions of the heart of St. Vincent in 1830, while she was with other sisters in the chapel in the days of the novena following translation of the relics of St. Vincent.

1896: Fr François-Xavier Déléens died in Paris in reputation of sainthood. He was born in the Diocese of Amiens, on May 31, 1836. Entered the Congregation in 1856, After a few years teaching at the major seminary of Soissons, being almost thirty-five, he became blind, but remained apostle. Retired in the Mother House, he devoted himself to the ministry of confession making it a place of perpetual mission for a large number of penitents, who came attracted by his charity and its wise leadership.

1915: Telephone lines are started to be installed in the Motherhouse, at rue de Sevres.

1940: In Paris, death puts an end to the apostolate of always young – despite his seventy-eight years – Fr Emile Boudat. Since his ordination to the priesthood in Algiers by Cardinal Lavigerie, Fr Boudat brought the word of God through three continents: in Constantinople, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Algiers, Madrid, Bordeaux, Alexandria and Limoux, until 1929 when the Mother House became his multiple workplace.

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