Ephemerides: April, 27th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1657: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare on the virtues of the first brother of the Jean Jourdain, who died in the Mother House, two days earlier. He was born in Galluis-le-Queue, in the department of Seine-et-Oise in 1587, and entered the Congregation on February 13, 1627. Vincent emphasized his great cordiality to all of the Congregation, which led him to embrace and kiss everyone who approached.

1659: Conference Vincent de Paul to the Daughters of Charity on the virtues of Sister Barbara Angiboust, who died on December 27, 1658 at Hôtel-Dieu de Châteaudun, where he served the sick. In the age of twenty-nine, she was received into the Company by Louise de Marillac herself on July 1, 1634. She was one of four Daughters of Charity who took vows in the Company on March 25, 1642, along with Louise de Marillac. She was Superioress of the houses in Saint-Germain-en-Laye (1638), Richelieu (1638), Saint-Denis (1645), Fontainebleau (1646), Brienne (1652), Bernay (1655) and Châteaudun (1657). In 1641 she guided the sisters who were serving the galleys.

1830: In Paris, the novena ordered by Bishop de Quélen to mark the celebrations of the Translation, knows a great success. The number of pilgrims is increasing every day. >From four o’clock in the morning, the faithful await the opening of the chapel, and the influx lasts up to seven o’clock in the evening. Nobody wants to withdraw without having to touch the relics one or more objects. The Masses are celebrated without interruption since four o’clock in the morning until noon.

1916: At Alitiena, Ethiopia, Abba Tesfa Selassie entered the Congregation. He was a priest since 1897, and as pastor in Messerrah then in Alitiena, he already showed that no sacrifice, no deprivation can make his apostolic zeal. All his childhood, he heard about the school run by Vincentians in Alitiéna. He wanted to attended the school, but his powerful father, head of Iddagheda, has forbidden him to do it. The boy escaped paternal hands, and returned to Alitiena expressing his desire to become Catholic. He had to wait for the death of his father to join the Roman Church and to study in the seminary in Keren, directed by Vincentians. Abba Tesfa Selassie, achieved respectability throughout Ethiopia and played beneficial role for the Catholic missions of which he was defender from local leaders. His long life was fruitful, especially in the Choa, where he had been for forty years. On 17 April 1948, was found dead in his bedroom, though the evening before had heard confessions.

1941: In Rome, died Fr Giuseppe Angiuli, Treasurer of the International House. Born in southern Italy. He came to the Congregation, not knowing a word of French, making all his studies in France, the Berceau and Dax, where he was ordained a priest on July 17, 1910. His frankness and cordiality, at the same time what his zeal and piety helped him be balanced in Salonika, in Algiers, where he was a missionary for fourteen years, and in Rome where he was since 1932.

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