New in the Library: “St Vincent’s Manual”

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Author: Unknown · Year of first publication: 1856.
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An old prayer book for the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph, plublished in 1856 (2nd ed.)

From the preface:

In publishing a second edition of St.Vincent’s Manual, which was originally prepared for the special use of the Sis­ters of Charity of St. Joeeph, it was advisable to make such alterations and additions as would adapt to more general use, without, however, changing the character of the prayer-book. With this view, a few pages that appeared to be suited only to members of a religious community, have beeu omitted in the body of the work

The additions that have been made to the work, consist principally of devotions that are extensively practised among pious Catholics, as the Way of the Cross, the prayers of Bona Mors, Meditations for every day in the month, the Scapular, Living rosary, Month of May, etc., several of which were never before published in a prayer-book for general use. Thia edition also embraces fuller instructions on the festivals of the church, the sacrifice of mass, the holy communion, con­firmation, baptism, rules of a Christian life, together with the burial service for children and for adults, and a variety of other matter.

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