Ephemerides: May, 14th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1643: At Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Fr Vincent attends dying Louis XIII. He is accompanied by bishops of Meaux and Lisieux and Fr Dinet, a Jesuit, confessor of King. From the month of April, Anne of Austria had asked our Blessed Father to comfort the ailling patient with his presence. Mr Vincent was occurring in the castle, from April 23. He returned several times and there were moving dialogs between the king and the humble priest then. Louis XIII, was born on September 27, 1601 at Fontainebleau. Died at half past two in the afternoon in 33rd year of his reign.

1646: Thanks to a donation from the Duchess of Aiguillon, Vincent de Paul acquired the post of consul in Algiers for missionaries. He thought that this charge may be compatible with the functions of the missionaries and facilitate its attention to the work with slaves. Holding this two activities was to much exorcising. The experience was stopped in 1669.

1657: In the age of 22, Nicholas Pierron, future fourth Superior General, is received to the Internal Seminary at Saint Lazare by Vincent de Paul.

1745: Fr. Amosso died, 15th Director of the Daughters of Charity, during the generalate of Couty.

1939: In Rome, the Congregation of Rites is meeting to consider the miracles attributed to Justin de Jacobis. Two extraordinary healings are selected. The first was the sudden healing on November 28, 1907 of Francis Lawrence from San Fele, hometown of Justin de Jacobis on, who was suffering from scarlet fever with multiple complications. The second is the sudden healing of Angela Marlazzi from Florence, who suffered from very serious pulmonary tuberculosis.

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