Ephemerides: July, 25

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1643: King Louis XIII has asked Vincent de Paul to send some of his priests to Barbary, to relieve Christians enslaved by Turkish corsairs. In Paris, the Duchess of Aiguillon wanting to participate in this good work, signed a contract to build a house for Missioners in Marseilles, which will become, somehow, the base of departure for the charitable and missionary works in North Africa.

1654: In Paris, Monsieur Vincent wrote, a signed by himself document accepting the donation made for Congregation of the Mission by Messire Michel Thépault of Rumelin, canon of Tréguier. This donation contained land, where during five years, the seminary of Tréguier would be built. Thanks to the generosity and goodwill of the bishop, Balthazar Grangier, who had attended the Tuesday Conferences, the seminary of Tréguier as one of the first in France, which was entrusted to the Priests of the Mission. Of six seminaries given the small company, during the lifetime of Vincent de Paul, three were located in Brittany: in Tréguier, in the diocese of Saint-Malo, and in Saint-Méen where our confreres had arrived in 1645.

1835: In Barcelona, at night, the house of Vincentians was assaulted and looted. The event was part of the riots following the death of King Ferdinand VII and led to the legal abolition of the Congregation in Spain. After exile in France, Vincentians returned to Barcelona in 1852 staying in two separate places until the house at Provenza street, provincial residence, was completed in 1884.

1835: Sister Mathurine Guérin announced opening of second Seminary in Eu, Normandy.

1953: Panningen, Holland. Celebrations marking fiftieth anniversary of St. Joseph’s seminary begun. Thanksgiving service gathered four Vincentian bishops, confreres from the house and Province, clergy and all population of Doyenné. Jubilee celebrations presided by archbishop Chen, Apostolic Vicar of Chingtingfu (previous name South-Western Chili) in China, lasted until July 29. During these fifty years 378 seminarians were ordained priests and four of them became bishops.

1960: Diocese of Cuttack in India, where Vincentians and Daughters of Charity work was given the name of St. Vincent de Paul.

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