Vincent, Letter 0008. To Madame de Gondi

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Author: Vincent de Paul .
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[September or October1 1617]2

Vincent de Paul consoles and encourages Mme de Gondi, while exhorting her to be submissive to the good pleasure of God3.

  1. Letter 8. – Abelly, op. cit., vol. I, chap. IX, p. 43.
  2. This letter is the reply to the preceding one.
  3. Saint Vincent’s response did not discourage Madame de Gondi. She had her children, the chief officers of her house, Father de Bérulle, Henri de Gondi, the first Cardinal de Retz and the Bishop of Paris, doctors and religious, in short, everyone who might exercise any influence over her saintly director, write to him. The intervention of Father Bence, the Superior of the Oratory in Lyons, was the most efficacious of all–the Saint promised him that he would go to Paris to seek advice from his friends.

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