Vincent, Letter 0006. To Philippe-Emmanuel de Gondi, in Provence

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Author: Vincent de Paul .
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[August or September1 1617]2

Saint Vincent writes from Châtillon-les-Dombes3 that, not having the requisite qualities to be a tutor in a family of such high nobility as that of the De Gondis4, he has secretly left Paris, strongly determined to devote himself to parish ministry in the place where he is.

  1. Letter 6. – Abelly, op. cit., vol. I, chap. IX, p. 38.
  2. Abelly tells us that the General of the Galleys received Vincent de Paul’s letter at the end of August or during the first two weeks of September.
  3. Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne (Ain), in the diocese of Belley.
  4. Philippe-Emmanuel de Gondi, General of the Galleys of France, was the father of the second Cardinal de Retz, Jean-François-Paul de Gondi, who distinguished himself by his intrigues during the Fronde. When he became a widower, he entered the Oratorian Fathers and spent the rest of his life in the practice of Christian and religious virtues. He died in Joigny on June 29, 1662. The Congregation of the Mission, the Oratory, and Carmel honor him as one of their outstanding benefactors. Remarks on his life can be read in: R. P. Ingold, Bibliothèque oratorienne (Paris: Poussielgue, 1882-1883), vol. I, pp. 421-448; and in: Louis Batterel, Mémoires domestiques pour servir à l’histoire de l’oratoire (Paris: Picard, 1902-1905), vol. I, pp. 322-361.

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