The founders’ historical context: chronology of events

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Author: Fr. Jean Pierre Renouard, C.M. · Year of first publication: 2008 · Source: Third Asian Vincentian Institute (Mother House, Paris, September-December 2006).
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1581 Birth of SVP in Pouy (Landes) Birth of Saint-Cyran Montaigne, Essays
1582 Death of Saint Teresa of Avila
1585 Death of Gregory XIII and election of Sixtus V, Birth of Francois Bourgoing
1588 General situation in Blois, Assassination of the Duke de Guise1589 Assassination of Henry III, Succession of Henry IV 1588 Birth of Condren
1590 Death of Sixtus V, Election and death of Urban VII,Election of Gregory XIV
1592 Election of Clement VIII 1592 Death of Montaigne
1594 Entry of the King into Paris
1595 SVP begins his studies at Dax, Tutor in the Comet household
1596 receives the tonsure and minor orders at Bidache
1597-1598 Studies at Toulouse and Salamanca 1597 Recapture of Amiensfrom the Spaniards
1598 Testament and death of SVP’s father, SVP receives subdiaconate and deaconate at Tarbes 1598 Treaty of Vervins, Edict of Nantes
1599 Birth of Bl. Mary of the Incarnation
1600 Ordination to the priesthood at Chateau l’Eveque, First Mass at Buzet, Appointed parish priest of Tilh
1604 Obtains Bachelor of Theology 1601 Birth of Saint John Eudes
1605-1607 Travels to Bordeaux and Marseille Death of Clement VIII, Election and death of Leo XI, Election of Paul V
1605-1608 Avignon and Rome 1606 Birth of Corneille
1608 Arrival in Paris 1608 Introduction to the Devout Life by Saint Francis de Sales
1609 Accusation of calumny, Berulle helps Vincent

1610 Appointed chaplain to
Queen Margaret de Valois

Assassination of Henry IV by Ravaillac, Marie de Medici appointed regent Death of Benedict of Canfield
1611 Stay at the Oratory

(house of Berulle)

1611 Foundation of the Oratorians in France
1612 Clichy, meets Louise de Marillac 1612 Agitation among the great
1613 Entry into the de Gondi household as tutor to the children Construction of the Palace of Luxembourg by Salomon de Brosse
1614 Temptation against faith 1614 Coming of age of Louis XIII and the Estates General 1614 Treatise on Christian Perfection by Fr. Alonso Rodriguez
1615 Marriage of Louis XIII and Anne of Austria
1617 In January, confession of the peasant at Gannes and sermon at Folleville; In August, parish priest at Chatillon Assassination of Concini
1618 Missions and charities, Meets Francis de Sales 1618 Francis de Sales in Paris, Death of Mary of the Incarnation
1621 Order of Minims Mission at Marchais, Meets Jeanne de Chantal 1621 Death of Paul V, Election of Gregory XV
1622 Named Superior of the Visitation nuns in Paris, 2nd journey to Marseille 1622 Death of Francis de Sales, Paris becomes an Archdiocese
1623 Mission to galley slaves in Bordeaux, Journey to his birth place (Pouy) and good­bye, Obtains his degree in Canon Law
1624 He is named prior of Grossesauve and principal of the Bons-Enfants 1624 Richelieu is member of the Council of the Regency, becomes Prime Minister
1625 Foundation of the Congregation of the Mission 1625 Memorial of Berulle
1626 The Archbishop of Paris grants approval to the CM and gives them Bons-Enfants, The 1st Missioners sign the deed of aggregation, Pilgrimage to Montmartre 1626 Peace of La Rochelle with the Protestants, Protests/riots popularized
1627 Approval of the CM by King Louis XIII, Private vows in the Company
1628 The Sacred Congrega­tion of Propaganda refuses to approve CM, Opposition from Cardinal de Berulle, Support of SVP by Msgr. Pottier, Bishop of Beauvais
1629 Edict of Peace of Alais in favor of the Protestants 1629 Death of Cardinal de Berulle, Fr. Condren succeeded him as General of the Oratorians Melite by Corneille
1630 Will/testament of Vincent regarding his family 1630 Day of the Dupes, Triumph of Richelieu 1630 Suppression of the Jesuits The Miseries of War carvings by Jacques Callot
1631 Start of work of retreats for Ordinands 1632 Tragic death of Michel de Marillac and Louis de Marillac, Marechal of France
1632 Saint Lazare: Bull Salvatoris Nostri giving approval to the CM 1633 Ordination of J. J. Olier
1633 Foundation of the Tuesday Conference, Foundation of the Daughters of Charity, November 29
1634 Louise de Marillac renews her vows of widow­hood and service of the poor
1635 Foundation of the 1st house at Toul 1635 Pierre Seguier, Chancellor 1635 Foundation of the Academie Francaise
1637 Vincent reproaches Saint-Cyran, Establishment of the internal seminary of CM, Foundation of the house Notre Dame de la Rose at Agen 1637 Descartes: Discours de la Methode
1638 Beginning of the works for foundlings 1638 Birth of the Dauphin future King Louis XIV at Saint Germain-en-Laye Vow of Louis XIII, Death of Jansenius, Imprisonment of Saint-Cyran
1639 Beginning of aid for Lorraine, Saint Vincent gives evidence at the trial of Saint-Cyran, Work with the galley slaves, The DC’s at Angers
1640 Vincent pleads withRichelieu for peace 1640 Horace by Corneille, Le Tricheur painting of Georges de la Tour
1641 Vincent has a vision of the three globes, The DC at Rue du Faubourg Saint Denis (in front of Saint Lazare) Death of Saint Jeanne de Chantal at Moulins and of Fr. de Condren Cinna by Corneille
16421ST General Assembly of the CM, Saint Vincent’s resignation not accepted by the assembly 1642 Death of Richelieu

1642 Painting of La Famille de
by Le Nain

1643 Saint Vincent assists Louis XIII in his finalhours, Appointed member of the Council of Conscience May 14, 1643 Death of Louis XIII, Anne of Austria became the regent, Battle of Rocroi won by Conde 1643 On Frequent Communion by Arnauld
1644 The work as chaplain of the galley slaves handed on to the Superior General of the CM, Grave illness of Saint Vincent Death of Pope Urban VIII and election of Pope Innocent X
1645 CM houses in Genoa and Turin founded
1646 Arrival of rnissioners at Algeria, Ireland and Scotland
1647 Mission in Ireland and plague in Algeria
1648 Vincent declares his position against the doctrine of Amauld On Frequent Communion, Mission to Madagascar August 26, 1648 Day of the Barricades and the Treaty of Westphalia that puts an end to the Thirty Years War, Start of the Fronde 1648 Creation of the Academy for painting and sculpture
1649 Vincent leaves Paris 1649 Defeat of the Fronde 1649 The minuets of Lully
to meet the Queen and ask for the dismissal of Mazarin so that there will be peace, army at Longjumeau and at Charenton, Concord of Rueil become fashionable in court
“Discreet Exile” to the
West, Fall from the horse at Durtal,
Return by carriage to Paris
1650 Marriage of Michel le Gras, Edition of the Les Relations appear, Start of relief given to Picardy and 1650 Battle against the Spaniards, Surrender of the provinces Andromeda by Corneille
1651 Increased aid for Louis XIV comes of age 1651 Commission for the
Picardy, Champagne and (13 years old) study of the 5 propositions
Ile-de-France, 2nd General
Assembly of the CM,
Letter to the Bishops for them to be united against the doctrine of Port-
Royale, The CM’s in Poland
1652 Continued aid to devastated provinces, 10,000 poor fed at Saint Lazare July 2, 1652 Defeat of Conde by Touraine, Cardinal de Retz was imprisoned
1653 Vincent resigns post from the Council of Conscience, He opposed the Jansenists February 1653 Return of Mazarin 1653 The five propositions

were condemned

1654 Foundation of CM house in Turin, Establishment of the Hospital of the Holy Name of Jesus 1654 Second condemnation of the Aughtstinus by Pope Innocent XI
1655 The CM house in Rome was closed for giving hospitality to de Retz 1655 Death of M. Olier and election of his successor in the presence of Saint Vincent, Death of Pope Innocent XI and election of Alexander VII

Letters of Mme. De Sevigne

1657 Opening of the General Hospital, Saint Vincent refuses directing the Hospital
1658 Distribution of the CM Common Rules and explanation given by Vincent, Mission at Metz with Bossuet
1659 Saint Vincent was ill and confined to his room, The CM at Montpellier and Narbonne Peace of the Pyrenees between Spain and France 1659 Les Precieuses Ridicules by Moliere and sermon on the eminent dignity of the poor by Bossuet as inspired by Vincent
1660 Death of M. Portail and of Louise de Marillac (March 15)September 27 – Death of Saint Vincent de Paul Painting of the Four Seasons by Nicolas Poussin
1661 Death of Mazarin and the reign of Louis XIV

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