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How blessed are those who give themselves to God in this way to do what Jesus Christ did and to practice, after His example, the virtues he practiced: poverty, obedience, humility, patience, zeal, and the other virtues.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 554

How beautiful it is to see poor people if we consider them in God and with the esteem in which Jesus Christ held them.

— Vincent de Paul, XI: 26

How admirable and adorable are the ways by which God leads his own. (I: 123). Oh, what great reason people of good will have to be cheerful.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 145

Honor the prudence, foresight, meekness, and the exactitude of Our Lord.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 178

Honor God’s holy Providence in your conduct by not hurrying or bustling about.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 211

Honey from your hive flows even into this house and serves as food for its children.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 275

Here we want to treat our Brothers as servants, even though it is true to say that most of them are more virtuous than most of us.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 319

He who from all eternity has chosen you to assist the poor will preserve you as the apple of His eye.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 346

Have great confidence in God, really give yourself to Him so that he may direct you and be Himself the Superior.

— Vincent de Paul, II: 140

Have God always in view so as to carry out your works according to His intentions, and form your entire interior life according to His example.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 329

Have courage, trust in Our Lord, who will be our help in the work we have begun and in the undertaking to which He has called us.

— Vincent de Paul, XII: 388

Happy will you be to be crucified with Our Lord for the glory of His Father and the salvation of the people, for you will also reign with Him for all eternity.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 414

Happy will we be if God finds us worthy of suffering for justice’s sake and if God grants us the grace of loving humiliation and returning good for evil.

— Vincent de Paul, IV: 301

Happy the missionaries who will persevere in the service that is so hard for them but so profitable for the neighbor.

— Vincent de Paul, IV: 80

Happy are those who consume their lives for the service of Our Lord, as He Himself consumed His for the salvation of humankind.

— Vincent de Paul, VII: 146

Happy are they who abandon themselves to God’s guidance, confide in His goodness, and remain at peace in the midst of storms.

— Vincent de Paul, VI: 449

Great prudence is required in order not to offend anyone and great charity and humility must be exercised so as to truly edify the congregation.

— Vincent de Paul, VI: 344

Grant us the grace to put ourselves in the last place among men and to keep ourselves there.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 524-525

Grace strengthens you in order to sanctify you and sanctifies you so that you might encourage others in the ways of salvation.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 258

Grace is necessary to begin and we need more to persevere to the end.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 346

Grace imitates nature in many things, making them ugly and unpleasant, but with time she perfects them.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 191-192

Grace has its moments.

— Vincent de Paul, II: 499

Good work, sooner or later speaks a much more favorable language than anything done for one’s own ostentation and show.

— Vincent de Paul, II: 311

Good living and the good odor of the Christian virtues put into practice draw the black sheep back to the right path and confirm Catholics on it.

— Vincent de Paul, II: 442

Good is not good if one does not suffer in doing it.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 15

Good friends share the good things and bad things that happen to them.

— Vincent de Paul, VII: 267

God’s wisdom has so well ordered things in this world that night follows day, sadness joy, and contradiction applause, so that our mind may dwell on God alone, who is above all these changes.

— Vincent de Paul, VI: 1-2

God’s inspirations are gentle, attractive, and almost imperceptible, whereas the movements of nature and the suggestions of the devil upset and torment the soul by their violence.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 613

God’s grace will never fail you.

— Vincent de Paul, VII: 203

God’s good pleasure is that those blessed, chosen souls, whom He loves so dearly, should be tempted and afflicted daily.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 182
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