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If you are inclined toward evil you know that God is incomparably more inclined to do good and to do it even in and through you.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 166

If you are burdened by those vows it is because you do not submit your will to the yoke of Jesus Christ.

— Vincent de Paul, VII: 333

If we make poor use of God’s graces by neglecting our primary duties, God will take these graces from us.

— Vincent de Paul, XI: 12

If we divested ourselves, once and for all, of all self-will, we would then be in a position of being sure of doing the Will of God.

— Vincent de Paul, IV: 329

If we are faithful to God, we will lack nothing.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 112

If there is any good in us and in our manner of living, it comes from God, and it is up to God to manifest it, if he thinks it advisable. As for us, however, we are poor, ignorant, sinful men, who should keep ourselves hidden, as being useless for any good and unworthy of consideration.

— Vincent de Paul, VI: 199

If there are any among us who think they are in the mission to evangelize the poor people but not to alleviate their sufferings, to take of their spiritual needs but not their temporal ones, I reply that we have to help them and have them assisted in every way, by us and by others.

— Vincent de Paul, XII: 77

If the world takes something from us on the one hand, God will give us something on the other.

— Vincent de Paul, VII: 424

If the glory of the world is nothing but smoke, the contrary is solid good, when it is accepted in the right way.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 231

If the Church’s ministers are good and they do their duty, all will go well. (XII: 13). We have all been called by God to work on a masterpiece.

— Vincent de Paul, XII: 13

If temptations are necessary for everyone, they are also a source of merit for those to whom God grants the grace of turning all things to good.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 342

If priests are good, the people will also be good.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 3

If necessity urges us to make haste, then let it be slowly.

— Vincent de Paul, II: 310

If Jesus welcomed the mentally ill and fanatics, why shouldn’t we?. (XII: 78). God, grant us the grace to see things with the same eyes as you do.

— Vincent de Paul, XII: 78

If I had known what it was when I had the temerity to enter it [the priesthood] — I would have preferred to till the soil than to commit myself to such a formidable state of life.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 569

If God were please to give this spirit of support and adaptation to each individual, what great union and advantages would this procure for the entire body because we would regard the interest of others as our own!

— Vincent de Paul, V: 423

If God does not give us peace, we are on the eve of many evils. (IV: 371). What Our Lord guards is well guarded.

— Vincent de Paul, IV: 381

I think the trouble caused in religious Orders by the brothers arises from the fact that they are kept in too lowly a position.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 319

I thank God for your willingness to do His Holy Will, no matter what the cost, with no regard for your own inclinations.

— Vincent de Paul, VI: 604

I simply ask Our Lord to be the bond of your hearts.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 275

I recommend my soul to you that God may be pleased to make it a sharer in the good you are doing.

— Vincent de Paul, III: 25

I pray that His Divine Goodness may accompany you, be your consolation along the way, your shade against the heat of the sun, your shelter in rain and cold, your soft bed in your weariness, your strength in your toil and finally, that He may bring you back in perfect health and filled with good works.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 65

I pray that God Himself will be the strength of the weak and the virtue of the strong and the prayer of those who are unable to pray.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 186

I praise God for the zeal with which yours workers are laboring and for the other graces He bestows on them and, through them, on the people. I ask His Infinite Goodness to grant them the strength of body and mind needed for such an important and arduous ministry as the mission. You are their Moses, raising your hands to heaven while they combat God’s enemies, and even their Joshua, sine you fight with them by means of the weapons, assistance and encouragement, and talks you give them.

— Vincent de Paul, V: 505-506

I praise God for the zeal He gives you for the advancement of His glory and the public good.

— Vincent de Paul, VIII: 13

I praise God for the good dispositions He gives you to make yourself more and more pleasing in His eyes.

— Vincent de Paul, VII: 471

I praise God for He is so good as to raise up in this century so many good and holy souls for the assistance of the poor common people.

— Vincent de Paul, I: 222

I no more trust in human means for divine ends that I do in the devil.

— Vincent de Paul, II: 433

I must be afire with love for those with whom I live and with edifying others by the exercise of love.

— Vincent de Paul, XII: 215

I hope that your past fidelity to these rules and your patience in waiting so long for them will obtain for you from the goodness of God the grace to observe them with greater ease in the future.

— Vincent de Paul, XII: 10
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