Nativity of the Lord (José Antonio Pagola)

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Author: José Antonio Pagola .
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The human face of God

The fourth Gospel begins with a very special prologue. It is a kind of hymn that since the first centuries has decisively helped Christians delve into the mystery contained in Jesus. If we hear it with a simple faith, it can help us today to believe in Jesus in a deeper way. We will spend time looking into just a few of its key affirmations.

The Word of God became flesh. God is not silent. God has not kept quiet, enclosed forever in Mystery. God has wanted to communicate with us. God wanted to speak to us, to tell us of his love, to explain his plan to us. Jesus is simply God’s Plan made flesh.

God has not communicated with us through sublime concepts and doctrines that only the learned can understand. His Word has become flesh in Jesus’ life of deep tenderness, so that even the most simple people can understand him, those who know to be touched in the face of the goodness, the love, the truth that are enclosed in his life.

This Word of God has made his dwelling among us. Distances are gone. God has become “flesh.” He dwells among us. In order to meet him, we do not need to go out of this world, but rather to approach Jesus. To know God, there is no need to study theology, but rather to be attuned to Jesus, to commune with him.

No one has ever seen God. The prophets, the priests, the teachers of the law talked a lot about God, but not one of them had seen his face. The same thing happens today among us: in the Church we talk a lot about God, but no one of us has seen him. Only Jesus, the Son of God, who is at the Father’s side, has revealed him.

We must not forget it. Only Jesus has told us what God is like. He alone is our source, so that we get close to the Mystery of God. How many sick and inhuman ideas about God we do need to unlearn and to forget in order to let ourselves to be attracted to and allured by this God who reveals himself to us in Jesus!

How everything changes when we finally grasp that Jesus is the human face of God! Everything becomes much simpler and clearer. Now we know how God looks upon us when we suffer, how he looks for us when we are lost, how he understands and forgives us when we deny him. In Jesus are revealed to us God’s grace and truth.

José Antonio pagola

December 25, 2014
Nativity of the Lord (B)
John 1, 1-18

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