Louise, Letter 0027. To my very dear Sister Elisabeth Martin

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Author: Louise de Marillac · Translator: Louise Sullivan, D.C. · Year of first publication: 1991 · Source: Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac. Correspondence and Thoughts. Translated from the original French edition Sainte Louise de Marillac: Ecrits Spirituels.
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(at Angers)

(c. 1640)

My very dear Sister,

With all my heart I share in your suffering, and I lovingly praise God for the courage which His goodness is giving to you. I think that if you stopped all medication and drank a lot of pure water you would feel better. Be at peace concerning the question about which you spoke to me. Renew your good desires and believe that in the eyes of God the deed is already accomplished. I recommend myself to your prayers and to those of all our sisters. I am, my very dear Sister, your very loving sister and servant.

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