Louise, Letter 0007b. To Monsieur Vincent

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Author: Louise de Marillac · Translator: Louise Sullivan, D.C. · Year of first publication: 1991 · Source: Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac. Correspondence and Thoughts. Translated from the original French edition Sainte Louise de Marillac: Ecrits Spirituels.
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(November 28, 1640)


Madame de Liancourt1 has informed me that she will send someone for me tomorrow around 8 a.m. I humbly beg your Charity to let me know if there is some reason why I should not visit her. I also wish to remind you of what I told you today about our sisters. Tomorrow is the anniversary of the day, five2 or seven years ago, that, albeit poorly, the first sisters came together in community. This evening I had a thought which warmed my heart; since by the grace of God, they are better now than they were at the beginning, after the few years that I hope to remain on earth, the one whom God will send them will draw upon them even greater blessings by her good example. This is what I desire with all my heart and I ask it of our good God. May I remain until my final hour…

  1. Madame de Liancourt, see Letter 4, a friend of Louise de Marillac who frequently invited her to come to rest on her estates.
  2. In November of 1638, Monsieur Vincent was not in Paris.

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