Louise, Letter 0007. To Monsieur Vincent

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Author: Louise de Marillac · Translator: Louise Sullivan, D.C. · Year of first publication: 1991 · Source: Spiritual Writings of Louise de Marillac. Correspondence and Thoughts. Translated from the original French edition Sainte Louise de Marillac: Ecrits Spirituels.
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La Chapelle (January 17, 1638)


The Procurator of the Confraternity of Charity and our sisters are accomplishing wonders today for the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus. They themselves wanted me to send a message to beg you to provide them with a conference for vespers. They cannot be recited before two-thirty. They would like to have Father de la Salle, but if that is not possible they would be pleased with another. I join my plea to theirs so that they may be encouraged to persevere.

I believe that you know that Sister Barbe1 is here and that she and I are both in good health. I think it would be well if she had the honor of seeing you before she leaves. Should we not think about the little furnishings that she will be needing? Please do not worry about the wet- nurse for the infants. They have not arrived yet. Ours will suffice for the time you indicate and even longer.

I remain in the love of Jesus, Monsieur, your very humble and most grateful servant.

  1. Barbe Angiboust was sent to serve the poor in Saint-Germaine-en-Laye.

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