Ephemerides: October, 29

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1616 Vincent hands over the Abbey Saint-Leonard-de-Chaumes to F. Lanson.

1653 Establishment of the home for the elderly “The Name of Jesus.” Here the residents were helped in the workshops by outside workers to produce works would help the financial situation of the house.

1655 Vincent writes to Monsieur Joly in Rome and we have an interesting account of the decision to take vows in the Congregation.

1655 For the third time missionaries are sent to the island of Madagascar. Of the three missionaries who departed for this mission, one of them died on the way.

1808 The Vicar General of the Congregation, Fr. Hanon, is imprisoned for refusing to allow the Archbishop of Paris to take control of the direction of the Daughters of Charity. For this same reason, Napoleon suppressed the Congregation on the 26th of September.

1936 Two Vincentian confreres, “the martyrs of Casita”, Maurilio Tobar and Ponciano Nieto are executed by a firing squad

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