Ephemerides: October, 27

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1655 Vincent writes to Donat Crowley, the superior in Le Mans and says, “I am well aware that I give this bad example….I also know that, if any house in the Company should have a saddle horse, it is yours, given the number of farms and the amount of business it has. However, because of the conclusion other houses might draw from this, your house, Monsieur, should so without one to rid them of this pretext. There have been Superiors who, having a horse in the stable, took the opportunity to go riding, make visits, and waste time transacting business of little or no importance outside the house, thereby neglecting matters within their families, who complained of these frequent absences and the scandal they caused.”

1856 One of the first missionaries from Persia is accepted into the Congregation — P. Bedjan. He wrote over 40 books in various Oriental languages. He spend the last nine years of his life translating the New Testament into modern Chaldaic.

1931 A hospital is established in Tegucigalpa (1,400 meters above sea level) and this will be administered by the Daughters of Charity.

1975 Fr. Lara Mejia es consecrated bishop in Guatemala.

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