Ephemerides: October, 26

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1639 Louise writes to Sister Barbara Angiboust and L. Ganset. This letter give us an understanding of the nature and the internal autonomy of the Daughters of Charity at this time.

1652 Louise writes to Sister Barbara about several matters: “You told me, m,,y dear Sisters, that butter is inexpensive and that you could have some melted for us. I urge you to find out how much it would cost to have it delivered here. If you think it will cost only six sols a pound, you would be doing us a favor by sending us as much as you can, 100 pounds or more.”

1658 Louise writes the sisters in Ussel about the necessity of inculturation.

1671 M. Roguet writes Fr. Almeras from Madagascar. This letter gives us an understanding of the civil, religious and social situation on the island.

1864 After spending six months in prison, Sister Dombrowska, a Daughter of Charity from the Polish Province, is exiled in Siberia. After a 5,000 kilometer trip on sled and on foot she arrived in the city of Narim where she was freed with the following words: “Go where you wish and die of hunger and misery.” No one knows what ever became of her but surely, God took into consideration all that she had suffered.

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