Ephemerides: October, 23

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1620 Approval was given for the establishment of a Charity of men. These groups would work in the villages of Folleville, Paillart and Serevillers.

1642 The confreres attending the first General Assembly in Saint-Lazare sign the Acta of the Assembly.

1646 M. Alix dedicates his book Hortus Pastorum to Vincent de Paul.

1649 Vincent writes to Guillaume Delattre, Superior in Agen and says: “I really think that frugality has enabled you to survive. I know you have very little income, that boarders’ fees help you in only a small way, and that, with the high cost of living this year, you will have a hard time managing, but I am also well aware that, if you knew how powerless we are to assist you, you would be sympathetic about this and not even dream of asking us for anything,. The recent ward and present famine in almost the entire kingdom prevent us from being paid and from providing for our own little necessities.”

1857 Fr. Etienne sends Daughters of Charity from France to Portugal to help the Daughters in Barcelona in their struggle against disease of cholera which had already claimed more than 10,000 victims.

1936 The martyrs of Vallecas are executed by a firing squad: José María Fernández, Roque Guillén, Benito Paradela, Cristobal Fonzalez, Casaeo Elexgraray, Juan Nuñez.

1937 J. Mancella dies. He was referred to the “Saint of Cardeña”. He founded the Sisters of Gethsemane to teach catechesis in the parishes.

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