Ephemerides: October, 21

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1643 During a repetition of prayer with the confreres Vincent places before them the example of a recently deceased Daughter of Charity and relates some of the things that were said during the conference on her virtues: “A great spirit of penance had always been apparent in her. 1. She was one of the first and indeed the very first to be present at prayer; 2. She never lost an opportunity of praying, when she had a moment’s leisure: she had even been seen praying to God kneeling on her bare knees on pointed stones. 3. She had a special devotion to hearing Holy Mass so that she never lost a chance of hearing a Mass, even if she had already hear one or two; 4. She usually did whatever was hardest and most humiliating, such as leading a hose through the parishes, when she did most zealously, and when it chanced that she was wet right through she used to say , ‘Oh, well, should we not endure something for the love of God?’ Those were the words she had on her lips on such occasions.”

1652 Brother T. Lye is martyred in Ireland.

1918 The Communist regime in Hungry suppresses the Religious Orders and forbids the clergy to exercise their functions. Fr. Tutz, director of the Internal Seminary, begins to work as a gardener. One of the missionaries and two bothers are condemned to death but receive a reprieve. This situation will end in 1919 but thirty years later the same situation will present itself anew.

1964 A Circular letter announces the beginning of the work for the renovation of the Constitutions of the Daughters of Charity.

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