Ephemerides: October, 12

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1631 Vincent writes Louise and at this time she is a Volunteer in the Charities. He says: “Mademoiselle Tranchot really wants you in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges where the Charity is going badly. I think Our Lord is reserving the success of that good work for you. Mademoiselle du Fay is well.”

1639 Vincent writes to Monsieur Lebreton stating that the missionaries are spending 2500 livres a month in the distribution of bread to the poor who reside near the borders of Belgium and Germany. He goes on to say: “Brother Mathieu, who is working wonders in that regard by a very special grace Our Lord has given him, thought it would be well to bring as many of those people as possible into France. He brought in a hundred last month, among whom were forty-six young women — some from good families, and other. He fed them and accompanied them right into this city were the great number have already been placed. In the meantime, they are being fed in a house where the city foundlings used to be cared for. A few good ladies are doing marvels to assist us in this.” In this same letter he also states: “Next April I will enter my 60th year.”

1929 Sixty prisoners are baptized in the prison at Tchuon-Tcheon (China). They were catechized by a prison guard who was a catechumen. Fr. Ceny, with the help of three brothers, had obtain authorization to instruct these prisoners in the faith, to hear their confession, baptize them and distribute the Eucharist to them.

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