Ephemerides: October, 09

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1640 Vincent writes to Monsieur L. Lebreton in Rome and asks him to inquire about the state of the missionaries: would they become religious if they took the vow of stability. It seems that at this time Vincent thought of asking the members of the Congregation to take only the vow of stability.

1643 An interesting letter of Vincent to Monsieur Codoing about the steps that should be taken when a diocesean priests seeks to enter the Congregation.

1654 Vincent writes to Monsieur Ozenne indicating his approval that the Divine Office be recited with the people.

1659 Vincent writes the following: “I declare that according to our Constitutions, in that which refers to the person who will succeed me as Superior General, I am required to name two persons who seem to possess the required qualities. This process is to help the delegates choose one of them. The delegates will have be elected in provincial assemblies with the purpose of coming together after my death. I therefore propose the names of Monsieur Almeras and Berhte…..”

1856 The Daughters of Charity open a seminary in Sienna with four sisters.

1937 Seven confreres and a Trappist are killed in Tcheng-Ting-Fou (China) by the occupying Japanese troops. Their bodies were then burned. At the same time, Bishop Schraven, the Apostolic Vicar is also executed by a firing squad.

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