Ephemerides: October, 07

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1658 Louise writes to Sister Henriette Gesseaume: “I beg you, my dear Sister, not to bring a certain mattress which has caused some talk…. You must try to avoid giving rise to gossip concerning the behavior of our sisters, who must always acts very prudently and manifest detachment from the things of this world”

1659 Vincent writes the following note: “I the undersigned, Vincent de Paul, unworthy priest and Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, do declare that our constitutions oblige me to name a Vicar General before my death, so that such person might continue to direct said Congregation until such time that an election is held to name my successor. Therefore, I now name Fr. Almeras, a priest of our Congreation, whom I believe possesses the qualities necessary for this role of leadership.”

1662 Pople Alexander VII issues the statement Pastoralis Officii, which declares the Congregation as being exempt from the jurisdiction of the bishops, except in those areas that pertain to external functions.

1797 Fr. Paul Claudio is ordered to be deported from Vasgos (France). The date and place of his death is unknown.

1904 The Daughters of Charity erect a Province in Hungry.

1929 The Daughters of Charity open a a house in Grodno (Poland) which is six miles from the border of Lithuania and Russia. Half of the city’s 50,000 inhabitants are Jewish and the other half are either Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant. The mission of the Sisters to provide material and spiritual help the poor of this city who are constantly persecuted.

1933 With great ceremony, the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the Vincentian Community to Ireland is celebrated in Dublin.

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