Ephemerides: October, 04

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1646 Vincent writes to Cardinal Grimaldi and in this letter we see the role that Vincent played in the struggle against Jansenism and the tensions that existed between himself and Holy See.

1647 In a letter to Monsieur Portail he speaks about the vows — the reasons for taking them, they ways in which the vows are fulfilled and goes into detail about the meaning of the vows for the Congregation of the Mission.

1691 Luis Abelly dies. He was the first biographer of Vincent and for many years his work was the official biography for the members of the Congregation and the Daughters of Charity. His work not only allows us to know Vincent de Paul but also gives us insight into the social and religious environment of the 17th Century.

1897 Sister Gelas dies. She and Sister Sion established the order of the Company in the Holy Land.

1936 Sister Martina Vazquez is executed by a firing squad in Algar de Palancia (Spain).

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