Ephemerides: May, 18th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1657: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about the Holy Spirit, which deals with the reasons for asking God to fill us with His Spirit, the signals by which one can recognize that the Holy Spirit is acting in us and the means to participate in gifts and acts of the Holy Spirit.

1705: In Casale, in then Vincentian Province of Turin, François Baly – a canon which will become archbishop of Méliténe – gives one of his houses and a garden to the Priests of the Mission. He came to support our confrere, Fr. Pierre Dona, who was thinking of installation Congregation of the Mission in Casale, his home diocese.

1829: In Paris, the XVII General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission has elected Vicar General Fr. Dominique Salhorgne,73, to be the twelfth Superior General. His generalate lasted six years and three month. The Assembly, which started on May 15, was composed of older confreres, many of whom have experienced the sufferings of exile, and all were venerable survivors of the Revolution. The Assembly elected Frs. Pierre Le Go, Joseph Boulangier, Jean Francis Richenet and Francisco Antonio Baccari as his assistants. The first two were assistants during the brief tenure of former Superior General, Fr. Pierre-Joseph Dewailly. Fr Richenet was the visitor of France and Fr Baccari, who was appointed by Pope Pius VII, in 1821, Vicar General of the Priests of the Mission and the Daughters of Charity, whose homes were outside France, had returned to Rome as the Visitor after the election of Fr. Dewailly, as superior general in 1827. During the Generalate of Fr Salhorgne transfer of the relics of St. Vincent de Paul took place and the revolution of 1830, which had feared the return of major riots from 1789. In 1835, the Assembly accepted Fr. Salhorgne’s resignation from the office because of health reasons.

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