Ephemerides: May, 10th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1711. In Paris, the Eighth General Assembly of the Congregation of the Mission elected Fr Jean Bonnet as the sixth Superior General. Born on March 1664 in Fontainebleau, died On September 3, 1735 in Paris. He was the longest in office Superior General before French Revolution.

1917: On the front of Macedonia, in the first line Fr Victor Dagouassat, died hit by shrapnel in the chest, in the day of his 31st birthday. He was born on May 10, 1886 on a humble farm in Pouy, the village of St. Vincent de Paul. As St. Vincent he started from keeping herds and praying at Buglose from time to time. Keeping strong attachment he opened learning in Apostolic School in Barceau. After minor seminary he turned to military service in 24th artillery regiment in Tarbs. There he recognized it was priesthood he wanted to be in service. He entered the seminary on November 26, 1909. Ordained priest on July 12, 1914 he was designated to go to Madagascar. Meanwhile the world war broke out. Battlefield became his mission. Marshal of homeless, he took part in the offensive in Lorraine and participated the defense of Nancy commanding 75mm cannon. His superiors noticed, he was a true priest a profound moral leader. In the rank of 2nd lieutenant he was sent to Fointainebleau as artillery officer. Then he volunteered for the East front.

1934: In Rome, in the Feast of the Ascension, Pierre-René Rogue was beatified. He was executed in Vannes on March 3, 1796, after being condemned as a “priest refractory to the laws”.

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