Ephemerides: March, 8th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1719: A Circular of Fr Jean Bonnet, Superior General, recommending the need of annual and monthly retreats to “avoid prejudice in the Service of the Poor”.

1892: In Blackrock, Ireland. In the age of 84 Fr Thomas McNamara dies (born 1808). He is recognized as a founder of the Congregation of the Mission in Ireland after a long break since first Lazarists left the country in 1664. Soon after priestly ordinations in 1833 together with his friend Fr Jack Lynch they started the idea of rebirth of the community of Missioners. Msgr Daniel Murray, archbishop of Dublin gave them permission to start Mission if they would find financial support. In this order they started the school for boys in Dublin and founded a College in Castleknock in 1835. Meanwhile due to contacts with Fr. John Baptist Nozo, Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission Fr McNamara and two of his companions entered Internal Seminary in Paris to become Vincentians. In 1842 he returned to Ireland as a superior of the college in Castleknock. In 1864 he became Visitor of province of Ireland. Then in 1868 to 1889 directed the seminary in Irish college in Paris. When retired from this post he returned to Castleknock.

1928: In Smyrna, Turkey. Fr Eugene Poulin dies. Fr Antonio Fiat, Superiro General, send him there in 1889 to be a director of College and the Mission.

1967: Pope Paul VI nominates Sister Susana Guillemin DC, The Superioress General of Daughters of Charity, to the Council of Justice and Peace.

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