Ephemerides: March, 28th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1659: Conference of Vincent de Paul for Missioners about gentleness. During the conference he evaluated meaning of Article II of the common Rules.

1699: In Sant Lazare, Fr. Nicholas Pierron, fourth Superior General issued a circular in which he explains breve of pope Innocent XII condemning the Fenelon’s book «Explication des Maximes des Saints». This book is concerned on quietism. By the occasion Fr Pierron reminded, that the Congregation should stay away from dangerous innovations.

1805: In Saint Cloud, Napoleon Bonaparte signed decree in which Congregation of the Mission, Society of Overseas Missions and Society of Holy Spirit were put under discreet direction of Great Chaplain of the Empire, Cardinal Joseph Fesche. Napoleon accepted report of his minister for religious cult, Portalis in which Portalis suggested sending of three Lazarists to China and in which he demanded to refund their journey up to Macao.

1897: In Motelieu, France, Sister Louise Lequette died. She was 35th Superioress General from 1872 to 1878. After second triannual term she went to fund a mission in Ethiopia. On October 28, 1878 she embarked the boat in Suez among six other Daughters and 600 other pilgrims from Mecca. Two days later they continued their journey on mules and after another ten days arrived to Keren. She was 61 then. On December 8 first sick peoples were served in the mission. Every morning, accompanied by young girl as interpreter Mother Lequette visited poor people in the are and in the afternoons she taught catechism. Unfortunately because of persecutions and when sister where chased she was forced to return from Ethiopia in 1884.

1968: Mother Suzanne Guillemin, D.C., superioress general and former auditor at Vatican II dies.

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