Ephemerides: March, 27th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1654: Conference of Vincent de Paul about reasons and practices of good getting through Holy Week.

1773: Francis Regis Clet is ordained priest in Lyon by Msgr John Baptist Bron, titular bishop of Egea and Vicar General to Primate of Galia. After ordination he is sent to the seminary in Annecy, where Lazarists worked since 1640, and stays there until 1778. Then as a delegate for the General Assembly he comes to Paris. Here he is nominated director of Internal Seminary and remains in Saint Lazare until the night on July 13, 1789. He departs to China in 1791.

1846: After separation of Kiang-Si from province of Che-Kiang in China, new Apostolic Vicariate of Kiang-Si is erected and bishop Bernard Laribe CM is named first Vicar. Bishop Peter Lavaissière CM remained Vicar of Che-Kiang. Msgr Laribe was born on May 12, 1802 near Figeac and consecrated bishop in 1830. He consecrated Msgr Lavaissière born in Cantal and died three years after that.

1852: Vincentian priest repossessed Colegio Alberoni in Piacenza from which they were expelled on August 20, 1850 by a decree of Duke of Parma. Vincentians worked there devotedly and eagerly for over a century. Troops went into the buildings and the Superior and all the confreres were banished. All because of hard times on Italian peninsula full of intrigues and revolutionary ideas of 1848. After strong protests of pope and French ambassador Duke of Parma revised his decision. Fr Spaccapietra is appointed new superior by Fr Etienne and ordered to introduce new professors.

1860: Sister Devos dies in Paris. She was 321st superioress of the Community.

1909: In the chapel at Rue du Bac, stone sepulcher where Louise de Marillac’s bones have been remaining since November 5, 1824 was officially opened. Bishop Arsene Legoux, president of Tribunal, was present. After the bones were officially recognizedthey were placed again in the tomb.

1948: On the petition of bishop Desranleau of Sherbroocke five Daughters of Charity depart to Canada. Implementation of the Congregation a century earlier was not completed. Though there were various Communities founded there based on Rules of St. Vincent: “Sisters of Charity of Providence” founded in 1843 in Montreal, “Augustines de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec” and “Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul”. The last two were derived from the Sisters of Mother Seton. And finally, the “Hospital Sister of St. Joseph” which arrived to Canada when Vincent de Paul was living and were in contact with him.

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