Ephemerides: March, 21st

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1659: Conference of Vincent de Paul for Missioners about simplicity and prudence. He also explains articles 4 and 5 from second chapter of the Rules.

1819: In Rome, in the papal breve Fr Maria Charles Emmanuel Verber, Vicar General of the Congregation is given the right to designate his successor. Fr Verber asked Holy See for this favor because of his deadly illness. Pope acted as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the breve arrived 17 days after Fr Verber’s death. Holy See predicted a situation, however, in which the Vicar General could by able to choose his successor. In that case an Assembly of ten to twelve Missioners could elect Vicar General for France from among them.

1835: Havre, France. John Gabriel Perboyre embarks “Edmond”, a ship heading for China. He is accompanied by two Vincentians: Fr Gabet and Fr Jery and five priests of Overseas Missions of Paris. The ship was armed in 10 cannons and 50 guns to avoid contact with corsairs. A year earlier Fr John Henry Baldus, future Apostolic Vicar of Ho-nan used this ship, too. Before reaching Batavia Perboyre left ‘Edmond’ and embarked ‘Royal George’ where he survived a strong tempest.

1933: Reuilly. In the presence of Canon Msgr Brot, a delegate of archbishop of Paris, members of Church Tribunal, Fr Cazot, Vicar General of the Congregation of the Mission and Mother General remnants of Catherine Labouré were exhumed. Laid in stone coffin her corps was transported to Mother House of Daughters of Charity and placed there.

1940: Brother Anthony Houppert dies in Paris, remarkable and devoted sexton of Maison Mere.

1943: In Northern China, all Lazarists and Daughters of Charity of Belgian, Dutch and English nationalities are detained in Wei-Shein concentration camp in Shantoung. On August 27 they are removed to Beijing, where Lazarists are detained in Pe-Tang and Daughters kept in their house.

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