Ephemerides: March, 20th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1638: Four priests of the Mission installs in the village of Sancey, near Troyes.

1654: Conference of St. Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about motives and exercises of well lived Lent.

1784: Fr Nicholas Raux, Fr John Joseph Ghislain and Brother Joseph Paris embark “Triton” in port of Brest. They are heading for Beijing to replace Jesuits, whose order was dissolved by pope Clement XIV in 1783. Government of the King of France asked Superior General, Fr Anthony Jacquier to send Missioners there because of scientific culture the court in Beijing was enchanted. All three represented unique knowledge: Fr Raux in Astronomy and Geography, Fr Ghislain in Experimental Physics and all sorts of Mechanics and Brother Paris in watch-making, carillons (playing bells) and harpsichords.

1858: Mother Catherine Spaling SCN (Sisters of Charity of Nazareth) dies.

1873: In Paris. Brother Francis Casimir Carbonnier dies in the age of 86. He was born on May 24, 1787 in Beauvais. Before he entered the Congregation of the Mission he was talented painter. First artistic education gained in his home town, then in Paris. In 1814 he went to London. His most recognized painting of that period is portrait of general Manuel Belgramo. In 1836 he returns to Paris and settles in his mother, Ingres, atelier at rue du Bac. In 1839 he enters Congregation of the Missions and since that he has never left the house at Rue de Sevres which he almost completely decorated. There are some 32 paintings of his found there. The most valuable ones are: picture of St.Philip baptizing and eunuch of queen Candace seen in the fore room of refectory, portrait of Cardinal de Berulle in the Grand Conseil room and five other decorating the refectory at Saint Lazare.

1924: Romania. Province of Oradea is erected for Daughters of Charity. It was detached from province of Hungary. By the decree of July 29, 1949 any activity of all men’s and women’s religious orders was forbidden in Romania. Our Sisters became dispersed but faithful.

1949: Fr Jules Levecque dies in Istanbul. He was Superior of College of St. Benedict from 1919, then Director of Daughters of Charity from 1929, and finally Visitor of Turkey from 1931. He had a great influence on formation of priests in Bulgaria, Greece and Romania where he worked before coming to Turkey.

1953: In Bédarieux dies Fr Etienne Canitrot.

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