Ephemerides: March, 14th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1659: Conference of St. Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about ordinations.

1805: In the presence of Fr Anthony Filicchi (pastor) Elizabeth Ann Seton makes profession of faith and is formally received into the Catholic Church at St. Peter Church, Barclay Street, New York City.

1934: Cardinal Pacelli (future Pio XII) pronounces a panegyric about canonization of St. Louise de Marillac.

1938: In Paris, dies Fr Leon Emile Cazot, First Assistant of the Congregation of the Mission and the Director of Daughters of Charity. Born on April 1863 in the diocese of Verdun. Enters Saint Lazare after graduating from philosophy studies in seminary in Verdun. He takes his vows in Constantinople and is ordained priest on December 21 1889. In 1895 becomes director of St Benedict College an two years later superior of Bulgarian Mission in Zeitlik, where is involved in education and formation of priest to be from Balkans. In 1914, 27th Assembly General elects new Superior General, Fr. Emil Etienne and Fr Cazot becomes Treasurer General. Since 1924 all his days are devoted to Daughters of Charity as their Director. In 1933, after death of Fr Verdier, he is nominated Vicar General of the Congregation.

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