Ephemerides: June, 8th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1627: Following an investigation confided to the vicar general, Denis Leblanc, the archbishop of Paris, Jean Francis de Gondi, signed a decree of uniting College de Bons-Enfants with all its goods and charges to the Congregation of the Mission.

1657: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare about mental prayer, dealing with the reasons to do it well, what and how to make it. The conference will continue on June 15 and 22.

1658: Conference of Vincent de Paul to Lazarists on the release of land assets. It was the second one on the same subject. Following interventions by some priests and brothers, Vincent said that a reason to surrender completely to God and divest earthly assets, namely the attachment to the property, honors and comforts of this world, is that without such detachment will the Congregation would never be able to provide great service to God. Vincent added that “by the vote of chastity, we have promised God to forgo the pleasures of body and spirit, by the poverty we have renounced the goods and conveniences of this life,like gold, money and the wealth of Earth, and by the vow of obedience we have renounced the honor, dignity and praise in the world.”

1668: In Paris, at the request of the Superior General, other superiors and the Community, the Congregation of Daughters of Charity, received papal approval and confirmation of the authority through apostolic letters delivered by Louis de Vendome, legate of Pope Clement IX in France. Anne of Austria had intervened to the Holy See to appoint the successor of Saint Vincent, perpetual director of the Company of the Daughters of Charity.

1855: In Madrid, the Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Fr. Jean-Baptiste Étienne, accompanied by the ambassador of France, was received by Minister of Justice attended by the prosecutor, say, the political director. Fr. Étienne came to be assured that Vincentian province of Spain would not be removed from the authority of successor of St. Vincent as its Visitor wanted to happen in agreement with Spanish government in opposition to confreres. Just, the next day after the meeting, due to intervention of Queen Elizabeth II of Spain, Fr. Étienne’s case was dealt in his favor.

1951: In Marseilles, death of Fr. Joseph Cornet, the true son of Jura. In age of thirty-one he sailed for China and was received to the Internal Seminary in Kia-shing, September 27, 1904. He was ordained a priest on July 3, 1910 there. He spent thirty-six years in the Celestial Empire circumscribing a district of Pao-ting-fou, then in the Vicariate of Tianjin (Tientsin). Fr. Cornet organized an ardent team animating first years of pilgrimages to Our Lady of Tonglu. And his pen alerted many readers of the Bulletin of Missions about his joyful missionary apostolate.

1953: Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission, Fr. William Slattery chaired the first session of the third international congress of Ladies of Charity, which was held at the House of Chemistry in Paris. Until June 11, representatives from seventeen nations, in an atmosphere of great cordiality, will bring their ideas on the theme: “Unity in Charity. Diversity in its adaptations.” During the closing meeting, cardinal Feltin has given the participants his congratulations and encouragement.

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