Ephemerides: June, 3rd

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1653: Saint Vincent preached a conference to first Sisters on “loyalty that we owe God in all our lives.” During the conference he assured them: “God is the Father of the Daughters of Charity in a special way, so they should not aspire to please Him. A Daughter of Charity is a tree He planted and who should bear fruit for God.”

1904: During the Russo-Japanese War, ambulances for the wounded have been divided into five separate divisions. One of them (medical division of Warsaw) was entrusted to Polish Daughters and given name of St. Vincent de Paul. Five Daughters of Charity have been designated to leave with staff and nurses. On June 3, they mounted into the train taking them through Siberia far behind Lake Baikal.

1905: In Rome, St. Pius X approved the Association of the Miraculous Medal founded in Galicja (then, territory of Poland under Austrian-Hungary administration)at the dawn of the twentieth century by Fr. Francis Domaradzki CM. The first Associations were approved in Paris and its region already in 1837 gathering almost 250 thousand girls and boys. On July 8, 1909 this Association was given a statutes from the Holy See approving it worldwide. The Association aimed in bringing all its members, children and adults, to honour Mary conceived without sin working to acquire a personal perfection and apostolate to others. The Superior General of the Congregation of the Mission is, de iuris, director general of the Association which, at present, is widespread throughout the world. Worldwide community of AMM has over 10 million members. In Poland itself the Association was outlawed after WWII by communist government. Then it was reactivated in 1980 as Association of Marian Apostolate (Stowarzyszenie Apostolatu Maryjnego).

1918: Association of the Miraculous Medal in the US Western Province of the Congregation of the Mission is established in St. Mary’s Seminary in Perryville, Missouri, USA. At the beginning it was operated by the seminary students under guidance of their superior. In 1924, Fr Joseph Finney CM became the first Director and hold this position until his death in 1962. Three years earlier, in March 1915 Central Association of the Miraculous Medal was founded by Fr. Joseph Skelly in the US Eastern Province of Congregation of the Mission in St.Joseph’s Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Fr. Skelly send invitations around to collect funds to build the new seminary and a copy of Miraculous Medal was attached to each letter.

1939: In Rome, Pope approved the appointment of Fr. Salvatore Pane, as Apostolic Prefect of Tigre, in Abyssinia.

1948: Fr. Jean-Marie Planchet died in Mother House. There aren’t many records in the Secretariat on him. But he left a lot of his own works. He was born in the Loire department on July 23, 1870. He entered small Company in the age of nineteen. In 1894 he went to China and was ordained a priest in Beijing on May 30, 1896 by Bishop Sarthou. Soon, publishing became his regular missionary apostolate. He composed several works in Chinese, for example, a concordance of the four evangelists, an explanation of the Beijing catechism, a little treaty on the mortification and another on the existence of God. Starting from 1916, Mr. Planchet issued a directory on the Missions in China and Japan in ten volumes. Each of them comprised about six hundred pages of valuable information. He returned to France in 1932. For four years Fr. Planchet served as superior in Valfleury, and then moved to Mother House. In 1942, he published its Nouvellevie of Saints, which was welcomed by the religious press. It was such a success that in five years second edition was made.

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