Ephemerides: June, 2nd

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1656: Conference of Vincent de Paul in Saint Lazare on the Feast of Pentecost, which focuses on the reasons to prepare well for the reception of the Holy Spirit, the signs by which a Missioner may have to recognize the spirit of God and the means to be available to receive it.

1670: In Rome, in the breve “Ex injuncto Nobis” Pope Clement X confirmed and approved Constitutions of the Congregation of the Mission with regard to the prerogatives of the Superior General, Vicar General and the powers of the General Assemblies.

1658: Conference of Vincent de Paul to the Daughters of Charity on the cordiality, respect and individual friendships, which deals with Articles 39 and 40 of the Common Rules.

1788: In Paris, the sixteenth Assembly General elected Fr.Jean Félix Cayla de la Garde to be tenth Superior General. He was the last General before French Revolution. Few months earlier, he had just been appointed Assistant. During Revolution he exiled in Rome from where he continued to encourage his spiritual sons and daughters. He was fifty-four years during election.

1912: In Jiaxing (Kashing) regional seminary, China, where he came to have a little rest and where he planned to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Trinity, the thirty-fifth anniversary of his priesthood ordination, Msgr Jean Antoine Casimir Vic, bishop of Méteilopolis and the first apostolic vicar of East Jiangxi (Kiangsi), died in the age of sixty years, after twenty-seven years of episcopate. By his birth, he belonged to the Diocese of Rodez, which has given the Church many priests and bishops. He entered the small Company in 1873, with the desire to go to China. Four years later, he was sent to Archbishop Bray, who administered vigorously whole Jiangxi since 1870. It equaled the area four times that of Belgium. From first glance, Bishop Bray appreciated the young Fr. Vic Satisfied with the activity of young missionary bishop Bray lead to split his vast Vicariate in two. Four departments in the North-East were erected as separate Vicariate and given to Msgr Vic. He was a little more than thirty-three when he became the first bishop of East Jiangxi ad when he took possession of the territory, consisting of five residences, three priests from Europe, ten Chinese priests and nine thousand eight hundred and five Christians . In 1911, the year of Bishop Vic’s Episcopal jubilee, the same territory have had twenty-three residences, twenty-three European missionaries, ten Chinese priests, twenty-one thousand ninety-one Christian and six Daughters of Charity, and twenty – three indigenous sisters installed. Perched on his mule, each year he visited all of his Vicariate’s posts : in the single 1911 year, he had stayed in three hundred and thirty-three mission sites. Vic Bishop was the good shepherd that, minute by minute, every day gave his life for his sheep.

1996: Pope John Paul II canonizes Jean Gabriel Perboyre, C.M., first missionary to China to be canonized.

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