Ephemerides: June, 24

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1736. In Rome, Pope Clement XII issued the decree approving two of the six miracles proposed for the canonization of Vincent de Paul. These two extraordinary cures were: first, Sister Maria Teresa of St. Basil, benedictine in Montmirail, who suffered putrid ulcers, dropsy and hemiplegia; second, Francis Richer, affected by a full, old and incurable hernia.

1839. In Paris, the archbishop Mgr. Hyacinthe-Louis de Quélen announces to the faithful that the Pope authorized the inclusion in the Marian Litany of “Queen conceived without sin”. The Archbishop of Seville, moved by the recent Msgr. De Quélen’s pastoral letter, in which he commented the invocation “O Mary, conceived without sin” of the Miraculous Medal, drove De Quélen to make the request.

1868. In Paris, in the parish of St. Sulpice, Father Juan Bautista Nozo died, who was the thirteenth superior general of the Congregation of the Mission. He was born in Ablaincourt, in the diocese of Amiens, on January 4, 1796, and entered the Congregation at 24. After teaching in seminaries of San Floro and Cahors, he was called to Paris in 1827 as director of the Internal Seminary. He demonstrated dedication during the cholera epidemic in 1830. Superior of the seminar Chalons and, later, Visitor of France, he was elected superior general by the Assembly of 1835. The disastrous financial issues that got in, and that forced him to resign, should not make us forget that a major expansion of the Congregation came during his generalship: Persia and Abyssinia in 1840, Ireland in 1839. With the exception of Spain and Portugal, where religious persecution was given, the works prospered throughout.

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