Ephemerides: June, 23

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1625. In Paris, at his residence in the Rue Pavee, Mrs. de Gondi died, assisted by Vincent de Paul. In 1604, at 24, Françoise Marguérite de Silly married the General of the Galleys, Philippe Emmanuel de Gondi. Mrs. de Gondi, who said “I prefer rather more to see my sons holy in heaven than lords of the earth”, sought a suitable tutor for them. Around 1613, Father de Bérulle recommended Vincent de Paul. A year later, Mrs. de Gondi entrusted her spiritual direction to Vincent, and practically claimed him as confessor to herself. But Vincent knew how to push her to escape from her pious selfishness, showing her the wide avenues of Charity. In the lands of Mrs. de Gondi, both in the diocese of Sens and in Soissons, they were created confraternities of Charity. From Folleville sermon, delivered by Vincent on January 25, 1617, Mrs. de Gondi joined the concern for their souls to the body care of her vassals. After searching long time priests who accept to evangelize these poor people, she came for it to Vincent, giving him the College of Bons-Enfants. On April 17, 1625, Messrs. De Gondi signed the agreement founding the Congregation of the Mission; soon after Mrs. de Gondi got sick. On numerous occasions, Vincent de Paul praised the simplicity, humility and charity of this noble soul. One of his sons will became the Cardinal de Retz and Archbishop of Paris.

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