Ephemerides: June, 1st

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1675: In Paris, the Priests of the Mission, installed in the lodgings located west of the chapel of des Invalides, inaugurated their duties with a great mission, which was completed on June 30.

1863: In Cuba, Fr Jerónimo Vila, superior and director of Daughters of Charity, took possession of the former convent of Our Lady of Mercy, in Havana. This started a good long time work. The church was repaired and enlarged becoming “One of the most remarkable temples of the universe”, as the la Iglesia de la Merced periodical in Havana said in 1883, at the death of Fr. Vila.

1874: In Warsaw, Poland, died Fr. Duperrey, a victim of his dedication to the plagued .

1882: Fr Fiat, Superior General, erected Austrian Province of Salzburg of Daughters of Charity. This was the effect of union of Daughters of Charity with the community founded in 1836 in Schwarzach by siter Leopoldine de Brandis (whose cause is opened). Her community had 67 charity establishments.

1949: In El Biar, Algeria, died Fr. Jean Heynen . When he entered Internal Seminary in Paris coming from hi native Holland on September 7, 1900, he dreamed of going to China. Superiors, however, decided that he would be more useful in major seminaries. After obtaining academic degrees in Rome he participated in the Sicilian adventure. This adventure was taken on request of St. Pius X, the Pope who wanted Vincentians to take over seminaries in Southern Italy, which demanded a real transformation. Reforms introduced by Vincentians were not welcomed enthusiastically in many seminaries. Fr. Heynen first faced difficulties in Girgenti where he worked in for six years and where he returned after spending two years in Piazza. He left Sicily with broken heart when Vincentians had to abandon Italian seminaries because of World War I. He was moved to Constantine, Algeria. He stayed there until 1940 working in the same time in major and minor seminaries where he was responsible for discipline.

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