Ephemerides: June, 10th

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Author: Benito Martínez, C.M. .
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1793: The Nord (North) department in France obliged Hospital Sisters to take the civil oath under penalty of dismissal. Sisters of Cambrai refused it and were imprisoned in Compiègne uo to month of Thermidor (July – August).

1895: In Rome Cardinal Aloisi Masella, prefect of the Congregation of Rites, wrote to Father Antoine Fiat, Superior General, to tell him about his joy of appearing before the Congregation of Rites, on June 4, in order to introduce the cause of Louise de Marillac. The cardinal added that during the hearing that he has left at the moment, Pope Leo XIII decided to sign on this day the decree proclaiming the co-founder of the Daughters of Charity venerable.

1913: Princeton, New Jersy, USA, Fr. William Slattery is received to the Congregation of the Mission, US Eastern Province.

1938: In Berceau-Saint-Vincent, died Brother Joachim Nunès. Born in Estreito daCamara dos Labs, Portugal, on December 8, 1868, he entered the small company in the age of 22 and made his vows in Bemfica, on February 19, 1893. Because of the political unrests in his native country he exiled in France and turned his various talents to success of Berceau, Dax and Maison Mere as well. Being illiterate he learned to read but he kept reluctant for writing and did not know multiplication table. Not having any science school he successfully constructed very complicated water feeding pipeline system in Barceau. He invented a system of trucks and pulleys of his own to passage the pipeline under railway. His invention allowed to do this job in less than two hours instead of hiring many men according to railway administration engineers.

1964. Nomination of first members of the Vice-Province of Indonesia Council.

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